Epidemic Prevention Materials

Epidemic Prevention Materials are provided for enhancing safety and protection level of the users against the pandemic. They are designed using high-quality materials to ensure high-durability with excellent results.They are available in comfortable to wear designs to ensure snug fitting. In addition, these Epidemic Prevention Materials are provided in different sizes and specifications for enhancing the comfort level even after wearing for the whole day. 
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Face Mask

3 layers 90-95 and 99

Product Image (8424909000)

mist sprayer

Price: 0.08 - 0.15 USD ($)
Product Image (8428910000)

Sterilizing mist sprayer

fog spray machine use with tricycle for Disinfection spray

Product Image (3926909090)

face shield

mask shield

Product Image (8480490000)

Mold for goggles

mould for glass


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